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Wrong order bad manners

We went in to order are take away and was kept waiting for over for my order when we got home we discovered are food was all wrong so when we wrong them up to tell them of there error they said we would have to drive back for them to put it right when I said I'm not prepared to drive back and have to wait another hour are so so I said forget it we will make do with what we have got but will want a refund for stuff we never received they did no more and hung the phone up on me so will not use them again and would definitely not recommend them
placed by Sean Kaylor on the 24th September 2017


Food was good but want them to make it spicer whenever special instructions are given.
placed by Pradeep IH on the 11th June 2017

Enjoyable takeaway,

Food was good with the exception of the rice which we found disappointing.
placed by Ian Tomlinson-Roe on the 11th June 2017

20% discount

A phone call will save me 20% (£12) next time!
placed by Paul Hadlow on the 21st May 2017

Really good food

Easy site to use and updates with collection time handy. Good really great
placed by Alison Gosling on the 19th March 2017

Sub par

Burnt naan, over cooked chicken. Not up to usual standard. Would have complained if we were eating in.
placed by Marc Gunnell on the 13th March 2017

Stuart's Takeaway 05/03/2017

I thought the food was very good. Was ready within half an hour of ordering and the portion size for each item ordered was more than enough.
placed by Stuart Gleed on the 6th March 2017

Take Away order

This system seems to work well just a shame that Yasmin don't do deliveries.
placed by Helen Camblin-Smith on the 27th February 2017


I collected food 10 mins earlier than the suggested time, so I’d say extremely quick service. A perfect meal. 10/10
placed by Alan Throssell on the 25th February 2017

Super food

Apart from a 10 minutes delay, the service and the food were excellent. I will definitely use again.
placed by Paula Meakings on the 19th February 2017

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